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How safe is Curacao and what security measures can you expect?

Updated: April 18, 2021

As Curacao reopens to the world, we look forward to welcoming visitors as per January 1st 2021. Prior to departure, all visitors must follow these 4 mandatory steps:

1. Fill out Digital Immigration Card

2. Fill out Passenger Locator Card

3. Upload a negative COVID-19 PCR test result

4. Book a lab appointment for 3rd day Antigen test in Curaçao

We can imagine that you can’t wait to get back to traveling and enjoy the wonders that Curaçao has to offer. Here you will find a good overview of how safe id Curaçao really is and what the restrictions and security measures are.

For more information and updates on the guidelines in Curaçao, visit the official goverment website.


Dutch Caribbean COVID-19 Status

Current COVID-19 Precautionary Measures in Curaçao are valid until May 3, 2021


Prior arrival

-If you have had Covid-19, we urge you to get doctor’s clearance and a medical certificate (and check your insurance requirements).

-If you need to consult with a dive medicine specialist, Call DAN.

-Pack sufficient hand sanitizer to ensure you always have these available.

-Travel insurance is strongly advised.

At arrival

-Don’t go diving if you have or may have symptoms.

-If you have requested our pick up, please sit in the back of the vehicle only.

During your stay with us:

-Wash hands regularly for at least 20 seconds on a periodic basis; especially after a bathroom visit.

-Social distance above water according to local guidelines.

-Use disinfectant when entering the dive shop.

-Recommended to not touch other people’s dive gear.

-Use defog to clean your mask.

-Test your octopus by purging.

-Disinfect your dive gear each day in a designated sanitizing rinse tank.

-PADI and SSI Covid-19 best practices are implemented.

What will Scubaçao do:

-All areas of the dive shop are sanitized regularly with water and disinfectant.

-All rental regulators & snorkels are disinfected prior and after use.

-Everyones is required to wash their hands on a strict periodic basis throughout the day.

-In case of an emergency, a CPR face shield, CPR face mask and gloves will be used.

-Scubaçao has an on call doctor if medical assistance is required.