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Dive Center Curaçao

Being a dive center in Curaçao is an absolute blast! We started a couple of years ago and never regretted our decision. As a dive center Curaçao we try and provide the best possible courses, equipment and guided dives.

The diversity Curaçao has to offer underwater is reflected top-side in to the diversity of the island populations. With over one hundred different nationalities we have a huge collection of sub-cultures that turn Curaçao into a cultural wonderland! From the depths of the Ocean to local restaurants. As a Dive Center Curaçao we try to offer a complete picture of what this island has to offer.

SSI Dive Center Curaçao Recognition

As a dive center we want to provide the best possible quality of diving education. This starts with providing worldwide recognized courses from both PADI and SSI. As a SSI Dive Center we follow the guidelines and recommendations laid out by the agency. Safety is on of the most important aspects of learning how to dive. We want to provide a fantastic environment for divers to develop their diving skills.

Being certified by the CTB/Curaçao Tourism Board means that we have to follow certain industry standards. We drive inspected and safe to operate vehicles, have solid know how about teaching diving and the underlying theories and we have a proper liability insurance.

Dive Center Curaçao

Great Deals  & The future

Of course we have the ambition to grow our business into a leader of the diving industry in Curaçao. The only thing is we don’t believe in the “industry” part. We try and provide trips and adventures where our guests are in the center. Great quality gear, small scaled groups, great rides and freedom to explore the best dive sites around. We will never abandone our ideals in order to reach new heights. However we do it, we will make sure the soul of our operation remains intact!