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Scubaçao reaches 499 reviews on TripAdvisor

This morning when I woke up, the TripAdvisor review counter was on 499 thanks to the latest submission written by Rick. Everyone reading this is joining us while we’re taking this step towards review number 500. It may be a small step for mankind but it’s a giant leap for a dive operator, for us. It has taken us 1227 days to get to this incredible amount and it will probably take us 3,5 years to make it to the next 500.

We would hereby like to thank all 499 reviewers for taking the time to write about the experience you’ve had with us. You have helped us to become one of the highest rated dive operations on Curaçao.

As a small dive shop on an island with more than 50 operators it’s hard work to keep your head above the surface (pun intended). Your reviews have helped us stay afloat and be able to eat and breathe and to feed our dogs.

We’ve gone trough many phases during our existence. In the early start of Scubaçao, we ran our operation from a pink Peugeot 205 and a Suzuki Vitara with only one door. We’d rinse our dive gear in a plastic bucket under the shower. Since then we have evolved to what we think is a more and more professionalized organization. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of space for improvement but we’ll get there eventually.

The next 1227 days we will keep doing exactly as we have done until now. We will always keep aiming at making your dive or snorkel trip the most memorable experience of your holiday. We will stay true to our concept of small groups, personal attention and friendly, handsome guides 

Now let’s wait and see that counter hit number 500. Whoever you will be, you are hereby invited to drink many cold beers with us to celebrate! See you soon!…