Scubaçao Diving Adventures Curaçao

Meet the Team

Scubaçao Diving Adventures is a young diving operation on Curaçao founded in 2014. We decided to become the most versatile and flexible dive operation on the island, bringing personalized diving to your doorstep! 

Together we work hard to share our passion for diving in the best possible way. Whether we have to submerge people into our blue waters for the very first time or offer guided dives for experienced divers, we always pay attention to detail and service!

Carolina “Caro” Marcías

Caro knows all the best spots around our dive sites! When she’s not teaching or guiding, you will still find her underwater taking pictures of the marine life in Curaçao.


Juan Pablo “JP” Vásquez

You will love diving or snorkeling with JP! He is always trying to find cool things for you to see underwater and make your day great!

Mats Wissink

Our handsome Instructor Mats.  He provides the best and most fun guided dives, snorkel trips and is an amazing bus driver. 

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