Duration: 5 days

Prices: USD 340

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5 Days of Happiness, Fun, and Exiting activities!

This camp is for all kids between 10 & 17 years, where they learn and enjoy the ocean! 

Every day has a different program, but it is all about the beach, ocean, and fun.

Contact us for the full program and more information.

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When: 11th – 15th of July

Time: 8:30- 13:00

Where: Scubaçao dive shop

Turtle program (10-17 years) 600 naf.-

PADI Open Water Diver Course

Become a certified diver and explore the underwater world to depths of 12 meters (or more depending on age). You learn in the confined are all the skills you need to become an independent diver. After that you will make 5 beautiful dives, repeating a few of those skills but mostly look around to the vast variety of aquatic life. We can promise you, it will never be boring. 

Stingray Program (10-17 years) 600 naf.-

PADI Advanced OW Diver Course

Already know how to scuba dive? No worries, we will help you reach your next goal! Become an Adventure diver or Advanced Open Water Diver during this amazing camp. In 5 dives you will get a taste from different cool specialties that are out there. Learn to control your buoyancy even more, during PPB.  Know your way underwater and learn more about the compass. How do we clean up the ocean, you’ll learn more during the Dive Against Debris dive. Go a little bit deeper than you have been before, during your deep dive and learn everything about the marine life!

Pro Diver Program (10-17 years) 500 naf.-

5 Guided dives in the island!

Already know how to scuba dive? So we will help you get more experience at it!

We will go diving every day to a different spot in the island.

We will star with a refresher to get back in the water, learn about marine creatures, organize a nice Clean up Dive, help us keep the coral nursery clean and learn how to get great pictures underwater.


What will you get?


Duration: 5 days

Prices: USD 340

Book now!

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