Scubaçao,  eco-conscious Dive operator.

Scubaçao, eco-conscious Dive operator.

As the lucky minority who get to personally see and experience life below the surface, divers have the unique perspective and responsibility to be powerful advocates for the ocean. PADI Dive Centers and Resorts worldwide are leading the way for divers to get involved in conservation efforts that have a positive and lasting impact on issues impacting ocean health – locally and across the globe.

From setting an example through sustainable business practices to leading Dives Against Debris® and implementing coral restoration programs, here are just a few inspiring things that you can help us to join the movement to save the ocean.

corals hanging from trees
Reef renewal Curacao

*REEF RENEWAL CURAÇAO. Their mission is to protect and restore coral reefs in Curaçao and around the world. We seek to train, engage, and inspire the local and international community through volunteering, educational events, and outreach. We are working in preserving the existing genetic diversity of Staghorn and Elkhorn corals, established a nursery and restoration program designed to restore the shallow reefs, and to works with the community to identify and reduce land-based stressors, such as uncontrolled storm water runoff and poor sewage treatment practices.

*ECO-CONSCIOUS PRACTICES around the shop and hosts marine life educational programs to help keep divers informed and involved.

Porto Mari Beach, Curacao
Porto Mari Beach, Curacao

*DIVE AGAINST DEBRIS. We conduct regular Dives Against Debris®, work in partnership with various community partners to monitor and conserve local reefs and we minimize the use of plastic in their business.

Also all of our instructors and divemasters carry mesh bags with them on every dive to make sure they can collect anything they see. We let divers know this in the briefings so that divers can point out items that could be collected; and if the divers are experienced enough and feel comfortable helping, then extra bags are available for the guests to bring along too

turtle eating a fish
Playa Piskado or Playa Grandi Turtles

*SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION, we partner with Curaçao Turtles to join forces and create awareness.

For every Sea Turtle Awareness Specialty, we will donate $50 to the goal of building a Sea Turtle Hospital here in Curaçao! And we hope to be able to get your help with it!

Green Fins Member
Green Fins Member

*GREEN FINS MEMBER. Protecting Coral Reefs through sustainable Tourism.

As a Green Fins member we follow environmental guidelines that promote a sustainable diving and snorkeling industry.

*RECYCLING STATION AT SCUBAÇAO. We have a recycling station outside are shop and we work with Green Force Curaçao, for it to get a second life.

When a community comes together and there is a will to become more sustainable, everything is possible.

Scubaçao welcomes new collaborations and partnerships.

Please escríbenos to discuss further details.

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