Scubaçao is a PADI Eco Center!

Scubaçao is a PADI Eco Center!

PADI Eco Centers are the premier choice for all divers, adventurers and travel experts seeking ocean-first, marine conscious operators that place sustainability at the top of their agenda.

There are three criteria that a PADI Operators must meet to qualify as a PADI Eco Center:

  1. participation in the PADI AWARE Adopt the Blue program 
  2. be an active Green Fins Member
  3. demonstrate an exemplary level of environmental best practice, through the above programs

And we are proud to say that we meet all the requirements for it!

Through Adopt the Blue, we are actively promoting marine biodiversity and community resilience by addressing our ocean’s global challenges; marine debris, vulnerable species protection, habitat loss and climate change. You can always join us for a Clean Up Dive the first Saturday of the month at 2pm!

PADI Eco Centers create opportunities for divers and non-divers alike to engage with direct conservation action like citizen science and data collection, policy advocacy, and education. 

You can always join us in a PADI CORAL RESTORATION course, and learn about the hard work we are doing to conserve the corals in Curaçao.

You can see more of what we are doing to be a better dive shop and protect our reefs here!

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