Working at Scubaçao

Working at Scubaçao

My name is Valerie and I have been doing an internship at Scubaçao since the beginning of September. I am from the Netherlands and study Tourism Management but the focus of my internship is online marketing. To give you a better idea of what I do here, my activities are described below.

My main tasks are creating and posting online content. I take a lot of photos and videos around the shop or when I go on a dive or snorkeling trip.

Then I edit the content and make posters or videos. If you are curious about what I post, check out the Instagram, @Scubaçao.

In addition, I spent a long time drawing up a marketing plan. I had already learned this at school, but it is different to have to draw it up in real life. I really enjoyed doing it.

Some examples of other tasks are listed below:

1. Answering reviews

2. Working on my personal development

3. Creative writing

4. Support in daily activities

This is me enjoying a dive with Scubaçao.

How do I like living here?

Compared to the Netherlands, everything is much more relaxed here. People here are never in a hurry. Fortunately, the weather is almost always nice here, so in my spare time I like to go to the beach or go out to have dinner or a beer. I live near Jan Thiel so after work I like to take a dip there. I notice that groceries and other necessities are pricey, but this was no surprise. I live with my best friend so it’s always a lot of fun at home.

How are my colleagues?

I feel very safe and comfortable with the Scubaçao team and I really feel that I am an important part of the team. I know that I can go to anyone for questions or advice and that they want to help me as best as possible. I often have 1 on 1 moments with everyone to briefly discuss how my internship is going. It feels like a family. In addition to having a lot of fun with colleagues, I also get along well with customers. I enjoy having a chat with everyone and we often see customers after working hours because we have such a good time.

Enjoying the island life.

Overall experience

I learn a lot of new things here and I notice that I get the space and time to develop. I meet a lot of new people and can have a lot of fun with my colleagues and clients. My activities fit well with my internship and the fact that I also have to do things for school is taken into account. Fortunately I don’t sit behind my laptop all day, but I also often get the chance to dive. I really enjoy living here, the only drawback is that it is sometimes quite pricey. The Scubaçao team is really great and I get along with everyone. This is the best internship I could wish for.

At the top of Christoffelberg.

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