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This little hidden gem of a dive site is located very close to the shop which makes it an excellent option for an amazing and quick dip into the ocean. It has a narrow entrance but quickly opens up into a beautiful reef that starts around 5 meters (15 ft) and drops down over a shoulder until 15 meters (45 ft) and more in certain spots.

If you go left you will run into a little sandy plateau at around 5-7 meters / (15 – 25 ft) depth that runs up to the seaside boulders where different fish tend to hide like lionfish, trumpet fish and shrimp. It is also bordered on the deeper side by all the typical corals.

If you turn right on the shoulder of the reef you will be able to see different soft and hard corals like tube coral, brain coral, fire coral, fan coral, pillar coral, etc. The deeper you go on this dive site the less abundant it becomes so to make the most of it we would recommend to stay above the 13 meters (40 ft) line unless you want to take advantage of a passing current to help you along the way and enjoy the speedy advantage of a little drift dive.

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