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The best 5 Spots of the Island

Scuba Diving in Curaçao

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1.Superior Producer

One of the best wrecks in the Caribbean.

Superior Producer is an amazing wreck that sits upright and is fully covered with sponges and corals. You often see it surrounded by tarpons and barracudas. It is a deep dive (30mt /100 ft), so you are only able to dive there if you are an advanced diver. The depth means you won´t have too much time to take pictures, but you will definitely enjoy it. It is about a 10 minute swim from shore. But be aware! If there is a cruise ship in port, you are not going to be able to go there, because this wreck lies just below the cruise ship pier .

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2. Tugboat

A place for everyone!

This famous Curaçao Tugboat wreck is just 5 meters (15ft) below water, this site is absolutely perfect for divers as well as snorkelers. It is a place for everyone! The wreck is already overgrown with tube sponges and corals and of course is home to a variety of colorful reef fish too.

You can find the Pier next to it, so it is not just a wreck, with full of sponges and critters, a really amazing place!

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3. Double Reef

Turtles Sleeping Paradise

You can access next to the Water Plant in Otrabanda.

As it´s name says, Double Reef, is an amazing spot where you can start your dive at one reef and cross through a sandy area to get to the other reef.

The second reef holds most of the fun! Corals everywhere! and in this part is where you can find tons of turtles enjoying a nice and relax nap.

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4.Playa Piskado

Turtles, turtles and more turtles!

Here you can find the Neptune’s Statue, checking all the ocean around him.

Playa Piskado, also known as Playa Grandi, is a fishermen´s beach, and also the home for turtles. The local fishermen clean and sell their fish here, so the turtles come around to get a little snack.

Here you can snorkel with turtles and also enjoy a really nice dive. Please never ever ever touch the turtles, you will see all the signs made by the Sea Turtle Conservation Curacao, who are the ones that take the best care of this amazing creatures.

Picture @girldivestheworld

5. Marie Pampoen

Our Coral Reef Restoration

Here you are going to find our Amazing Coral Restoration Foundation!

We take care of this little corals and then outplant them to the reef. All thank to all of you that donate for the corals and Coral Restoration Curaçao.

It is an easy entry dive site, full with sponges, corals and marine life.