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Tugboat is Curacao’s most famous dive and snorkel spot due to its shallow depth. It was wrecked just off the shore of Caracasbaai and sits in only 5 meters / 15 (ft) of water. The tugboat is crawling with marine life and is now covered in sponges and coral growth.

The tugboat is overgrown with tube sponges and coral and is home to a variety of colorful reef fish too. The resident Majestic blue Parrot Fish and Yellowtail Snappers guard this site.

The famous Tugboat wreck is located next to Directors Bay in just 5 meters (15ft) of water below the steep facing cliffside leading up to the infamous Quarantine House. Purposefully wrecked just a few yards offshore of Tugboat Beach, in Caracasbaai, this site is absolutely perfect for divers as well as snorkelers.

Accessing this site is easy but be prepared to search for a plethora of critters such as seahorses, octopus, lobsters and napping scorpion fish that hide among the rocks in this underwater adventure.

Dive Tip: Tugboat is the perfect dive site for a relaxing afternoon snorkel trip or an easy shore dive. However, please be cautious not to touch the wreck of the Tugboat due to its fragile nature and the possibility of fire coral.

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