Director´s Bay

Director´s Bay


Unnamed Road, Curaçao

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Director’s Bay used to be the private beach of the directors of Shell, the Dutch Royal family used this beach at the same time. After the departure of Shell in 1985, the beach became public.

As the local story goes, it is said that the late Queen Juliana, who was invited to this beach, was so afraid of sharks that the Royal Dutch Shell Group build a “caged” in a section of the bay for her (we still haven´t seen any sharks around the area…)

When you go diving here and you turn left after entering the water there will be a wall that starts at 10 meters (30ft) and goes all the way to 40 meters (130 ft). Once you reach the outermost part and start shallowing up you can start to see schools of fish in all shapes and sizes and corals of

From here you can also reach Tugboat if you plan it well (have a car ready to pick you up) by going right instead of left once you enter the water. And even if you want to exit at Directors bay you will see a beautiful reef in the range of 3-40 meters (10 – 130 ft) filled with the diversity of Curacao.the area that include pencil coral, fan coral, fire coral amongst others.

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