Santa Martha Bay (Sunset Waters)

Santa Martha Bay (Sunset Waters)


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This dive site is named after the Sunset Waters resort, which was situated here in the past.

Today, the hotel is gone and we have a really nice empty beach just for us!

The dive site is suitable for divers at all levels of skill. It is also ideal for snorkeling, although snorkelers will have to keep an eye on boat traffic from Santa Martha Bay. Regardless of whether you are diving or snorkeling, make sure that you are visible on the surface.

It is easy to enter the water from the beach, passing between the two breakwaters. Large bushes of sea plumes and other soft coral grow in places on the sand floor.

In line with the beach and at depth of 7 meters are the remains of a light aircraft. They are the remains of an old Cessna that was sunk here especially for divers and snorkelers. Today, not much of it remains except for the cockpit framework.

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